Fairy Dust Wand Tag Tutorial

Adapted with the kind permission of Creations By Kelley who wrote a similar tutorial for Photo Impact.

You will need Paint Shop Pro 7, Animation Shop 3, and Ulead Effects Art Texture for this tutorial.
This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of Animation Shop and Paint Shop Pro.
Step 1
Open a new image, transparent, 200 x 200 pixels, and foreground color set to white and background set to null, draw a single line 6 pixels wide at an angle, vector checked then hold the shift key to draw a star, vector checked, line width 3, I used the military star, rotate it to fit on top of the line. I showed it in red for clarity.

Step 2
Name the layer Wand1, don't convert to raster yet, we want nice defined lines!
Duplicate that layer and rotate it 20 degrees to the right, and name that layer Wand2.
Duplicate the Wand2 Layer, and rotate it 20 degrees to the right, and name that Wand3, Go back to Wand2, duplicate that layer, and name it Wand4 and drag it over Wand3.
Step 3
Convert all 4 layers to raster, and go to plugins/Ulead Effects Art Texture and apply the gold preset to each layer. I just accepted the default settings other then picking the gold.
Step 4
Click the arrow between styles on the palette to set your background to white, and go down to the background layer (blank), and add in your name,check floating, and position it under the wand. (shown in black for easier visibility). Selections/select none. Apply the same Ulead Art Texture effect. Rename the layer name1, and duplicate it 3 times, naming the duplicates name2, name3, name 4.

Step 5
On name layer 2, apply a gaussian blur of 2, switch the layer properties to dissolve, and opacity to 82. Wand3, apply a gaussian blur of 4, and switch the layer properties to dissolve, opacity 67, wand4, apply gaussian blur of 6, and set layer properties to dissolve, opacity 50.

Oh wow.. well.. it seems a lot more complex then it is. But here's a screen shot of the layers.

Step 6
Use your crop tool to crop out the empty area.
Step 7
Arrange your layers in this order from the bottom up.

Turn off visibility for all but name1 and wand1, merge visible, rename them wand1, turn off visibility for that layer, and turn it on for the next 2, and merge visible, name the layer wand2,turn off visibility, repeat for wand3 and name3, and wand4 and name4.
You should have 4 layers when your done.

Almost there! Just have to animate it now!
Turn back on visibility for all 4 layers, and save it in psp format.
Open up Animation Shop, then open the image in there. It should be showing in 4 frames. Right click frame one and set the frame properties to 100, set the other 3 to 25. Save.
Works best on a light background.
You can find another great animated wand tutorial href="http://www.karinsbeautifulsite.com/wand.html">HERE
(Isn't my background ANNOYING??*giggle*)

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