Items Needed Paint Shop Pro 7 or up.

Yes, this is a vectors tutorial, but it is really very simple. In this tutorial you will learn how
to recolor the JASC preset shapes, how to group vector shapes, and how to export shapes.
The nice thing about vector shapes is that you can size them up or down without losing the sharpness.
Step 1
Start with a new image 400x300 pixels, and draw a cone shape,

Make it short and and wide like the image above,

Step 2
then go to your layers palette and click + on layer 2, and on the on the cone and change the fill color to dark green.

Step 3

Now you have a green cone, go to edit, copy, and paste as new vector selection twice, overlapping the one below it a little each time.
Step 4 The tree looks good doesn't it? Now, draw one more cone, this time skinny, and recolor the cone on that one to #765828, now click on the main group cone, and drag that cone under the other 3, position the trunk.

Step 5
Use the vector object selector, and draw a rectangle to include the whole tree, right click and choose group to group all 4 cones as one vector object.

Step 6
The go back to the layer palette and highlight the word group and right click and choose rename, and change the name to tree.

Step 7

Go to file/export/export shape, and save the shape, it will warn you the only objects currently selected will be saved, click okay,then it will ask for a name for the shape library, I just chose tree.
The picture below was drawn entirely using vector shapes with no node editing.

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