Toy Sig Tags Pt 1

For the drawing toy sig tag,
start by opening a new image, 200x150 pixels, flood fill with red #C00000

Then go to your vector shapes and set it to rounded rectangle, foreground color null, background set to light grey #C0C0C0, antialias checked, create as vector checked,draw a rectangle leaving just a bit more room at the bottom then at the top. Go to objects/align/horizontal.Center in canvas. Layers, convert to raster.

Click on the grey rectangle to select it,selections/modify/contract by 2 then go to the background layer, and selection/invert
Effects/3d Effects/Inner Bevel, use the Pillow preset.;

Go back to the screen layer, and use the shape selection tool to draw a rectangle around the grey rectangle, click once in the grey rectangle to float it.Selections/Invert
Apply a drop at these settings,
vertical 3, horizontal 3, opacity 80, blur 21, color black

selections/select none.

Set your foreground color to null, and your background to white, and use your vector shapes tool to draw a circle in the lower left hand side of the screen, use ellipse and hold down the shift key to draw the circle.
Layers/Convert to raster, Layers/duplicate, image/mirror.

Turn off visibility on the first two layers, then merge the knobs layers. Apply an inner bevel with these settings. Then apply the same drop shadow as before. Turn back on the visibility of the first 2 layers, then merge visible.

Layers/duplicate, turn of visibility on the first layer, then with the draw tool, choose freehand line, foreground set to black,background set to null, and draw your name in the screen.Or use a font you think looks right. Remember to join all your letters with lines.
 Layers/merge visible.

Duplicate that layer as many frames as you think you'll need for the animation. For this one, I went 5 times, once for each letter.
Turn back on visibility in the first layer, go to the second layer,and turn off visibility in all the layers over it.
Now zoom in, and with your paint brush set to 2, color light grey #C0C0C0,start erasing letters, do the same thing on each of the following layers,allowing a little more to show each time.
Until the top layer, where it's just the whole name.

Go to retouch, size 3,pen set to lightenRGB, and touch the ends of each of the lines on each layer.

Make sure visibility is on for all the layers, then save as a psp file,open it in Animation Shop. Set the first blank screen frame and final (full name screen) to 50, then all the in between frames to 20, save, I saved this one in 127 colors.

Etch-A-Sketch is a trademark toy from Ohio Art.

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