Playing around with filters I found this nifty filter in VM Instant Art called Spirograph.

Tools Needed: Paint Shop Pro

VM Instant Art Filters which you can download Here!
Unzip and install in your plugins directory.

Step 1:
Open a new window 300x300 pixels, and flood fill with white.
Go to image effects/plugins/VMInstant Art and apply Spirograph on the default settings.
(this is just TOO easy. And clean.. I like clean tie die!)

Step 2:
Double click on the shape selection tool (the little dotted rectangle)
and put in these settings
left 50,
right 250,
top 50,
bottom 250

Step 3:
Go to Selections/convert to seamless pattern.

Step 4:

Fun time! This is where all the nifty variations come in.. go to image/effects/kaliedascope or in PSP 7 image/reflection effects/kaliedascope and play.. I've found it works best with an even number of petals, but the colors and the images varied so much with every new setting I just kept playing!!

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