This tutorial assumes a basic familarity with PSP, 
You will need Paint Shop Pro for it.
Also some idea of what you want to make. It's just the technique, not a tutorial in creating an image or background.
Also, no screenshots. Just quick and basic!
For the title above, I opened a new image, and used the shape selection to draw out a rectangle, then flood filled it with #7F704F
Step 2
Go to Effects/Noise/Add check uniform, and noise level of 8.
Step 3
For the outline stitches I used Alps Thin font, lower case x, stroke set at nothing, fill color #5B5039. I just typed out a line of x's and converted to raster, and cut and paste to fill the top, then paste a small section as a new layer for the sides, rotated 90 degrees, and copies that and pasted it until the side was done, turned off visibilty on the bottom layer, merge visible,layer duplicate, Image/flip , Image/mirror, layers/merge visible, at the same noise as above, and then image/3d Effects/drop shadow, color set to black, vertical 1, horizontal 1, opacity 100, blur 3.7
You can also use the letter I or a custom line for stitching.

Step 4 (Embossed part)
Use a dingbat font or a text font, turn on the bottom layer visibility,then with vector checked, and anti alias checked, add your text. Color doesn't really matter, your going to delete this layer. Get it positioned how you want it, then go to selections/from vector object, turn off visibility on the vector layer.
Go back to the bottom layer, and go to selections/float
Images/3D Effects, and cut out set to vertical -2, horizontal -2, opacity 100, blur 1.3, shadow color #B6A788,
fill interior UNchecked, apply the same noise as in the first step, then apply the same drop shadow you used before.
Delete the vector layer. Merge visible and export as a tube, or save it as a finished tag in JPG form.

All done!! Wasn't that EASY!

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