Quick and Easy Stickers in Paint Shop Pro (written for PSP 7)

This is so very easy it's another one of those tutorials I almost didn't write. But I do love the way it looks.
This is what we are making. And it's really too very simple. Start with a prepared graphic, pixel art works best. Dolls or something like that.Assuming you are working with a gif, some preparation is necessary. Go to colors/increase colors, and increase them to 24 bit, then go to layers and promote to layer. Select the background with the magic wand, and delete it. Woohoo! It's on a transparent background now right? Except there maybe some little bits left to clean up, so clean those up.
Now go to image/canvas size and make sure center image horizontally and center image vertically are checked and resize the image to about 20 pixels bigger in both width and height, (the size of the existing image is right under the input boxes).
Now go to selections/select all/float/.
selections/increase by 6 if it's something the size of Wonder Woman up there, something smaller only increase by 3
Layers/new layer, and fill the selection with whatever color you like (I used white), then effects/3d effect/drop shadow, vertical 1, horizontal 1, blur zero and color black or for something with a black background #404040, click ok. Then effects/3d effect/drop shadow, change the verticle and horizontal both to -1, blur still set at0, color #C0C0C0.
Go to layers/arrange/send to bottom, then layers/merge visible, and export at a gif.

Glitter Stickers!

These are meant to simulate the look of glitter text vinyl stickers, and they are even easier, well, this isn't even really a tutorial, right click and save this glitter fill. Why this one? Because it's only 16 colors. Which means that you can make a fairly small sized graphic. Open a new image, and open
the glitter fill, and then choose it as the background/fill color/pattern, and nothing as foreground/outline, and in your brand new image, enter your text, with anti-aliased unchecked. Well, you can check it if you like the way it looks better, but it does add more colors (by blurring the outlines slightly) bold fonts work best for this, and I did it as a vector, then just went down to the bottom layer and with the shape selection tool, anti alias UNchecked, and drew a rectangle around the text, flood filled it with black, and added drop shadows as above.

Yep. Like I said. Just too easy.
Hello Kitty is trademarked by Sanrio Company Ltd and Wonder Woman is trademarked by DC comics.
All other art is my own.
You can find my doll bases at my doll page, and you can save this background to use in stationery.

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