Star Background

Another 2 minute tutorial.

You will need Paint Shop Pro
Flaming Pear's Ornament (freeware)
and Simple Filters

Step 1
Open a new image 150x150 pixels, flood fill it with your choice of colors.

Step 2
Double click on the shape selection tool and enter in left=0, right 150,top= 25, bottom= 125 and fill that selection with your second color.

Step 3
Double click on shape selection again, and this time enter in left=0,right=150,top=50, bottom=100 and put in your 3rd color, or use your first color again.

Step 4
Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds set at spacing=25, opacity 100,horizontal,and light from left/top both checked, color, something that goes with the colors you've used.

Step 5

Step 6
Effects/Plugins/Simple/Pizza Slice Mirror

Okay.. now to make the renaissance colored one.. open an image, this is the one I used

Then resize it to 150x150 pixels, colors/colorize hue 33, saturation 137,
Then double click the shape selection tool and apply the first set of coordinates,(step 2) colors/colorize hue 177, saturation 192, then double click the shape selection tool and apply the second set of coordinates (step 3) and color/colorize hue251,saturation 100.

Repeat steps 4-6, only set the blinds color to black.

For the background of this page I used different colors, and a different image, then I resized the finished tile to 50% when I was done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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