Needed Paint Shop Pro 6 or 7

Step 1
Open up a new image 300x300 pixels, flood fill with white
Step 2

Go to your paintbrush tool and with foreground color set to black, and the brush set to size 11
hardness 50
opacity 100
step 25
and density 100
draw a scribble in the center of the image, staying away from the edges

Step 3

Go to effects/reflection effects/kaliedascope and apply at these settings
horizontal offset -17
vertical offset -13
rotation angle 0
scale factor 0
number of petals 8
number of orbits 0
radial suction 20


Step 4

Go to image/resize and resize to 50% with all layers and maintain scale checked.

Use the magic wand to click on any part of the black and go to selections/modify/select similar

Leave selected.

Step 5
Click on the paintbrush, and choose custom, then click create!

There you go! A brand new snowflake brush!

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