Simple Gradients Backgrounds

Taking a break from playing with these to write a tutorial for them!

You will need Simple Filters
get both packs.
Paint Shop Pro
this gradient

This is simple. Fast, and incredibly addictive!

Open up a new image, 150x150 pixels,
set your foreground style to sunburst gradient, SimpleGradients, horizontal 0, vertical 100,repeats 3,invert unchecked. Flood fill the image.

Duplicate the image 5 times.

First the muted tiles, keep the saturation under 75 when you colorize these.
On the first image, effects/plugins/simple/4 way average, then colorize it. You can do simple diamonds now or just leave it as is.
Save as background 1.

On the second one, effects/plugins/simple/centre tile, then effects/plugins/simple/4wayaverage. Colorize and save as background 2.

One the third, effects/reflection effects/rotating mirror, set to 0 horizontal, 0 vertical, and 0 rotation angle, then effects/plugins/simple 4 way average,colorize, save as background 3.

Bolder backgrounds

Fourth tile apply effects/plugins/simple/blintz, then effects/plugins/simple/pizza slice mirror, effects/plugins/simple/diamonds.Colorize. Save as background 4.

Fifth tile apply effects/reflection effects/rotating mirror on the same settings as before, effects/plugins/simple/top left mirror, effects/plugins/simple/diamonds, colorize, save as background 5.

Sixth tile apply effects/plugins/simple/centre tile, effects/plugins/simple/pizza slice mirror, effects/plugins/simple/diamonds, colorize, save as background 6.

Okay! Well.. you get the idea.. gradients and simple filters work wonders for fast backgrounds!

For the background of this table, I used background #3, applied diamonds twice, and lowered the opacity to 50% then merged all, and saved. p>Here's a bonus, courtesy of PJ,
simple, zoom out and flip
simple, 4way average

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