Sea Frame

Items Needed: Paint Shop Pro 6 or up.
Simple Filters Pizza Slice Mirror

Start with a new image, 400x400 pixels and flood fill with cyan #40FFFF,

Then double click the shape selection tool and enter 0 left, 20 right, 0 top and 400 bottom in the pop up window.

Flood fill the new selection with teal #008080, selections,select none.

Apply Effects/Texture Effects/blinds, width 10, opacity 75,color blue #0000C0,
horizontal unchecked, light from left/top checked, click apply.

Apply Effects/Geometric/CurlyQ's, set at 10 columns,10 rows, size 100, strength 12, clockwise.

Selections, select all, modify/contract by 40, then hit the delete key.

Selection/select none, Effects/plugins/simple/pizzaslice mirror.

All done. Just save it to Jasc Software Inc/PaintShopPro7/Frames in PSP format as
seaframe.pfr and you can use it as a picture frame!

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