Woven Ribbon Backgrounds

You will need Paint Shop Pro
this gradient file
Simple filters
(you'll need the bonus pack)
Save the gradients to your gradient folder.

Open a new image, 20 pixels wide, by 196 pixels tall, flood fill with the SKMetallic
gradient. Linear/angle set to 0, 0 repeats

Effects/Noise/Add Noise Uniform 24. Then go to colors and hit gray scale, then colors/increase color depth/
16 million colors.

Set the background color to white, and go to image/add borders, symmetric UNchecked, and set top and bottom to 2, and left and right to 0

Layers/Promote to Layer, then canvas size, resize, set it to 40 pixels wide, 200 pixels high, image centered horizontally UNchecked,
Image centered vertically checked, and then put 0 in left.

Layers, duplicate then Image/Mirror, Effects/Plugins/Simple Top Bottom Wrap

Then Colors/Colorize, and colorize each layer to the color ribbons you want. Make a note which colors you use.
I keep my saturation around 50-60 for these.

Use the magic wand set to 0 tolerance, and pick the white bands on the first layer, and flood fill with
SKGold gradient, linear, angle set to 90, no repeats. Do the same thing on the white band
on the second layer. Merge visible and save.(simple background made)

Open a new image, 200x200 pixels, (these don't really look like ribbons, but they are pretty!)
Flood fill with the background you just made set to 100%, angle set to 0, then go to simple filters, and apply diamonds,
then top left mirror. Save.(first background made from the ribbon background)

Hit undo, and then simple/4 way average.. save. (second background made,the one in this table)

Okay.. well.. that's 2.. I'm sure you will find lots of pretty settings..so let's do a simple 2 color ribbon weave now!

Open a new image, transparent, 100x100 pixels, double click the shape selection tool and enter the coordinates
Left 0, right 50, top 0, bottom 50, and flood fill selection with SKMetallic on the last settings used.
Noise/Add Noise/ Uniform 24%
Colors/Gray Scale,Colors/Increase color depth 16 million colors
Image/Flip, Image/Mirror, Layers/Merge Visible
Layers/Duplicate Image/Rotate 90 degrees all layers UNchecked.
Colorize the layers, layers/merge visible, save. I resized the one in the background here to 50%
Now that your done with this, why don't you check out the frame tutorial using these tiles?
Digital Aspects Ribbon Frame.
And this is another neat background tutorial
Dreamers Design Nifty Strips.

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