You will need Paint Shop Pro 7
Eyecandy 3.1
and my Selections zip file

Open a new image, white, 100x100 pixels, and selections/load from disk, choose
check1.sel and flood fill with pink
#FFC0C0, resize the image to 50 %,minimize that image.

Open a new image,300x250, white, and use the shape selection too to make a narrow ellipse.
Then go to selections/modify/feather
set at 15 ,and set your foreground style to pattern and pick the checkerboard image you just made, and set the foreground texture to Grainy Bumps, and fill the selection. Selections/Select None.
Selections/select all, selections/modify/contract by 15,
selections/invert, selections/modify/feather set to 15,
flood fill the selection.

Layers/New Raster Layer Name this layer queen, set the foreground color to white and the texture to none, Load queen1.sel and flood fill with white, then effects/plugins/Eyecandy 3.1/
Glass, use these settings,;
Bevel 20
Shape Rounded
Flaw 153
Flaw Thickness 59
Opacity 11
Refraction 20
Color #E8DFCE
Highlight Brightness 67
Hightlight Sharpness 19
Direction 35
Inclination 39

Apply Twice. Load queen2.sel and flood fill with white, and apply the same glass twice, repeat with the queen3.sel.
Load queen4.sel, flood fill with white, and apply glass (same settings) once, then load queen5.sel, flood fill with white, and apply glass once. Selections/select none, apply the glass one more time.
Then colors/colorize set the hue to 183,saturation to 55.

Effects/3 d effects/drop shadow horizontal and vertical both set to 1, opacity 50, blur 0, color black,
Repeat with the horizontal and vertical both set to -1

Selections/load from disk, queentrim.sel, flood fill with white, then apply effects/texture effects/sculpture/gold.

Selections/select none.

Plugins/Eyecandy/Perspective Shadow, choose classic from the presets menu.

You can either merge all layers and add your text now, or what I did was use the preset shapes tool to draw an ellipse, vector and retain style checked, around the queen, and went to objects/align/center in canvas/ then clicked on the text tool, and positioned it so that the X was on the ellipse, then added my text,(it's good to be the) floating checked, size22 , stroke null, fill color red,anti alias checked.
Then layers/promote selection to layer. Then I deleted the vector layer. Then I added in the word Queen same color, this time size set at 48.

Set your background color to dk pink #FF8080 and merge all layers,the image/add borders/
set at symmetric 3, select the border with the magic wand set to 0 tolerance, and effects/3 d effects/Inner Bevel/Round.

There you are! All done!
It's good to be the queen!

Here's another one I did using a blade pro setting
on the checkerboard and using eyecandy glow instead of drop shadow.

I would like to thank  Ronni for her amazing glass tutorials .

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