Pastel Woven Tiles

You will need PSP 6 or above
VM's Instant Art Filters
Redfield's Lattice Composer 102
Simple's Pizza Slice Mirror

Open a new image 150x150 pixels,white, layers/duplicate layer

Go to plugins/VM Instant Art and apply spirograph at the default settings.

image/effects/blur/gaussian blur, set at 5.

Plugins/Redfield/Lattice Composer 102, use the Rags Fall preset

Effects/Artistic Effects/Colored Pencil at these settings
Detail 20, Opacity 35

Effects/Reflection Effects/Rotating Mirror, set at 0, 0, 45. 

(just for fun, try using the patterns, then the rotating mirror, or kaliedascope, then rotating mirror at this step. You get some really pretty tiles!)

Effects/Plugins/Simple/ either top left mirror or pizza slice mirror, whichever one you like the look of best.
Layers/Merge Visible then save it

This one had kaliedascope applied before rotating mirror

This one had pattern applied before rotating mirror

This is top left mirror, the background on the page is pizza slice mirror.

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