Neu and Simple Lace Mask Tile

You will need PaintShop Pro and
Simple and Neu Filters for this tutorial.

Start with a new image 150x150 pixels, white and
go to Effects/Plugins/Neu/Weissensee, apply at the default settings.
Then Effects/Plugins/Simple/Blintz
Effects/Plugins/Simple/Top Left Mirror,
Effects/Plugins/Simple/Centre Tile,

This is what it will look like.

Oh wow.. that was just TOO easy! Okay.. here comes the not so tricky tricky part.
Go to masks/new/from image, source luminance, invert unchecked.Masks/Save to disk. Save to your masks folder 
with a name like neulace1.msk, because using the other neu filters or changing the settings on this one make different laces.

Go ahead and close out that image once you've saved the mask.

Open a new image, 100x100 pixels, and flood fill with whichever background color you prefer,
then add a new layer and flood fill with a good lace color, I used a creamy color, #F5E9D5,
then masks/load from disk, pick out the mask you just saved and apply it. Then masks/delete and choose merge with current layer. Merge visible layers and your tile is done.

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