Making a Lightsaber

For this tutorial you need Paint Shop Pro 7
and Simple Top/Bottom Wrap
and this metallic gradient

Step 1
Start with a new image, 500x100 pixel, and using the selection tool,anti alias checked, draw a rectangle on the right hand side.
Flood fill with #808080.

Step 2
Go to Image/Effects/Blinds and apply at width 8, opacity 75, color black, and horizontal unchecked. It should look like this now. Go to selections/save to alpha channel and save your rectangle selection. Name it if you want,this is the only alpha channel selection.

Step 3
Selections/select none, layers/add new raster layer <(name this one handle2, it's the details on the handle)
Using the shape selection tool draw an oval on the handle, flood fill with saber gradient
set on radial, 50 vertical, 50 horizontal, 0 repeats

Step 4 (the handle is the hard part of this!)
Load the selection from the alpha channel, and go to image/plugins/Simple/top bottom wrap.

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