You will need Paint Shop Pro 7
Mura's Meister's Cloud
Mura's Meister's Perspective Tiles
Eyecandy 3.1

and my Selections zip file
Unzip your selections to your selection folder.

Set your forground color to white, and your background color to grey #C0C0C0.
Start with a new image, 300x300 pixels, and flood fill with white,selections/load from disk find the folder you unzipped the selections to,then load checker1.sel.
and go to Effects/Plugins/Mura's Meister Clouds and apply using the default settings.
selections/select none. selections/load from disk, load the checker2.sel
Apply Cloud again but this time reset the grey color in the filter to dark green #004000.

Selections/select none, Effects/Plugins/Mura's Meister Perspective Tiling. Apply using the default.

Layers/New Raster Layer, name it knight; selections/load from disk mane.sel, Flood fill with black,
Effects/Plugins/Eyecandy 3.1 Glass, with these settings,
bevel width 85
bevel shape flat
flaw spacing 999
flaw thickness 53
opacity 100
refraction 100
color black
highlight brightness 100
highlight sharpness 40
direction 150
inclination 68

Still on the same layer, load knightbody.sel, flood fill with black,and apply eyecandy with the
same settings as before, then load base1.sel, flood fill with black,and apply eyecandy again.;
Load base2.sel flood fill with white, and go to effect/texture effects/sculpture,and apply the gold preset.
selections/select none.

Use the shape selection tool to draw a rectangle around the knight, then click once on the knight, selections/defloat,
Effects/Plugins/Eyecandy 3.1/Perspective Shadow, choose the preset Lawyer from the menu, and lower the opacity to
40. Apply. Selections, select none.

Set the background color to #004000 and choose Image/Add Borders symmetric checked, set at 10. With the magic wand set at tolerance 0, feather 0, click on the border to select it,then effects/3d effects/Inner Bevel choose the Round preset. Effects/3d Effects/Drop Shadow set at 1 vertical, 1 horizontal,opacity 100, blur 13, color black.

Add in your text,a bold font works best,
stroke and fill color both black, floating checked. Position the text, then apply Eyecandy Glass with the same settings as before.

It's done! I hope you enjoyed it!

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