Step 6
Go to the top layer (with the ellipse) and duplicate that layer, then go to image/rotate 90 degrees.

Step 7
Image/Effects/Plugins/Simple/Top Bottom Wrap on the first ellipse layer,and Image/Effects/Plugins/Simple/Left Right Wrap on the second one. Turn off the visibility on the second layer, and merge visible the other 2 layers.

Step 7

Turn back on visibilty on the second layer, and go to selections, select all, float. Then go to the 3rd layer and erase the bits
shown to weave it together. Selections/select none. Merge visible the layers.

Step 8
Select the center of the circle with the magic wand and then selections/modify selection/expand by 3,and go to the background layer then layers/add new raster layer (name it gemstone), flood fill with your choice of gemstone colors, or with white and apply a blade pro gem setting. If you filled with a gemstone color, set your background color to a slightly darker color then you picked for the gemstone, and go to selections/invert, image/effects/3d effects/chisel set at 9 with background color selected, then selections/invert, add a new layer, and using your air brush tool set with foreground color set to white,pen, size 4, spray in a quick highlight, then image/effects/blur/gaussian blur set at 3.

Step 9

Fill the bottom layer with your choice of backgrounds, merge all and save. I resized the background tile to 85% and sharpened.
For the table background, I reduced opacity on the layers, then merged all. The background on this page was done using Blade Pro.
Also try using Simple Filters Diamonds on the finished tile. Looks soo pretty with all the tiles set on the diagonal.

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