Jewelled Maille

You will need Paint Shop Pro 6 or 7 for this tutorial. 
And Simple Filters Top Bottom Wrap, and Left Right Wrap.
Blade Pro or Primus is helpful. But not necessary.Primus is free.

Step 1

Open a new image, 150x150 pixels, draw a circle in the middle. Stroke color black (it's easier to see for now)
, no fill, stroke size 8.For PSP 7 users draw an ellipse while holding down the shift key. I've found for me the best way to get it centered is to draw it, then convert to raster, copy, delete that layer, and paste
as new layer. (*whew*.. but it works. It's perfectly centered every time)

Step 2
Draw an ellipse, on top of the circle you just drew, with the stroke set to black, and size 4. Make sure it's centered. Layers/Convert layer to raster.

Step 3

Turn off visibilty on the first 2 layers, then duplicate the layer with the ellipse you just drew, go to image flip, and layers/merge visible, then the layers, duplicate,and image/rotate 90 degrees.
Turn on the layer with the circle and layers/merge visible.

Step 4

Draw an ellipse in the center of the image, drawn in red to make it easier to see, but it should be black.
Make it a little longer then wide. layers/convert to raster.

Step 5
Do colors/negative image on both the layer with the circle, and the layer with the ellipse. The go to image/effects/texture effects or for PSP 6, images/effects and apply sculpture with the gold preset,or if you prefer use your chosen Blade Pro setting to both layers.

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