Making Jewel Case Covers in Paint Shop Pro You will need Paint Shop Pro 6 or above.

Step 1

Click on File then New in your tool bar, New Image, 475 pixels by 475 pixels 100 dpi for the web, 4.75 inches in whatever dpi you prefer works for personal use.

Step 2
Create both your inside cover, and outside cover image.

Step 3

File, New, Open a new image 950 pixels by 475 pixels (9.5 inchesx4.75 inches)

Step 4
Double click the shape selection tool

You will get a pop up window like this one, choose left 0,right 475, top 0, bottom 475 and click okay.

Step 5
That puts a "marching ants" selection in the new image, click on the inside cover image you made, and on the toolbar,go to Edit/Copy then back to the new image, and then click Edit/Paste into Selection
Then click Selection/ Invert (which chooses the other side of the blank image) and copy the outside cover image, and paste it into that selection.

Save it as a jpg. Click the example below to see the full sized version.

When you print it, make sure your printer settings are set to landscape/100%

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