Making the butterfly

Open a new image, 400x300 pixels, and with your brush on the same settings, draw a line down the middle of the new image

Image/Effects/Geometric effects/Perspective vertical, difference set to 100.

Layers/New Raster Layer, go to the first image, and edit/copy, then paste it on the second image as a new selection.
Put it on the left side, and image/rotate all layers UNchecked, and rotate to the right 45 degrees, get it lined up with the butterfly body on the previous row, I put it so the point of the wing was on the middle part of the body. Image/sharpen/sharpen once.

Turn off visibility on the first row, and duplicate the wings layer, then image, mirror. Layers/merge visible.

Layers/duplicate, image/flip, image/resize, resize it to 75%, with maintain aspect checked, all layers UNchecked, smart size.
Image/sharpen/sharpen once.

Move that set of wings to just below the top set. Merge visible.

Turn back on visibility for the bottom layer, and with the magic wand, tolerance set to 0, click anywhere outside of the butterfly body, selections/invert selections/modify/contract by 2. Go to the wings layer, and hit the delete button. Layers/merge visible.

Click outside the butterfly, selections/invert image/crop to selection.Tube it up!

For the image on this page, I used color #EEDFD2 for the skin tone,then applied texturizer at sandstone default settings.

For more information about henna, and about recent FDA rulings concerning it's use for bodyart, check out The Henna Page
While so called black henna is unsafe, even the FDA admits that the problems with skin reactions has been caused by adulterants added to it, mehndi is an artform that has existed for thousands of years, as art, as a part of several cultures, and for religious reasons. 100% pure henna is safe, and should not be banned, however it is included in the alert.

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