Henna Butterfly

Making the wing
Start by opening a new image, transparent 200x200 pixels,Set your foreground color to brown #442612,
With your paintbrush set to pen, size 11, scribble in the image,keeping away from the sides,and not too heavy.

Image/effects/geometric effects/curly q's, set to 7 horizontal,7 vertical, size 100, strength 19,clockwise.

Image/effects/reflection effects/rotating mirror, horizontal and vertical both set to 0, rotation angle direction 90 degrees.

Image/effects/geometric effects/circle
Image/effects/geometric effects/perspective horizontal, difference set to 100.

Image/effects/sharpen/sharpen once.
Okay! You have one wing.. or petal.. if you want, tube it now to use for a flower or dragonfly later!

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