Bloody Name Animation
my name
You'll need:
Animation Shop
a suitably bloody Halloween font

This animation is anti-aliased, so it's best on dark backgrounds, I just used black as my background color for the animation.
Open a new canvas, I started with 200x100 px.
Flood fill with black

Use a nice bloody looking font. I used Creepy/size 48, color = #ff0000 create as vector, anti-alias=sharp

Objects-align center, layers, convert to raster


On that layer, you're going to use your warp brush and pull down parts of it just a bit. Warp brush size 17, hardness 0,

strength 100. (this is what it looks like with the first text layer visibility off)

Layers/duplicate, warp the layer a bit more

Layers/duplicate, warp the layer a bit more.

On each text layer, apply sculpture,
settings= pattern-red lava/size 50/smoothness 20/depth 41/ambience 37/shininess 46/angle 315/intensity 50/elevation/30 or use
Blade Pro or Eyecandy with something shiny and bloody looking.
scupture preset
Duplicate the bottom black layer 5 times, drag on to the top of the layers, and then turn off visibility to all the layers.

These are my layers. I actually don't normally name them unless I'm working in a lot of layers, but it helps to see what I'm

Click to show the visibility of the top text layer and the 5th black layer (not the top one) and merge visible,make sure the
merged layer is under the top black layer.Turn that layer invisible, and turn on the visibility of the 3rd text layer and the
4 black layer, merge visible, keep it under the first merged layer. Turn off visibility, repeat for the second text layer and
3rd black layer, turn off visibility on that merged layer, and merge the 2nd black layer and the first text layer. It should
be right over the first black layer.
layers 2
Turn on the visibility to all the layers, and save as a psp file.

Open in Animation Shop.
Click on the first black frame.
Go to effects, and image transition. Now I change the timing on everything once I get the transitions applied, so I wanted a
smooth transition with only a few frames, so I set the effect to  fade, then fiddled with the slider bars until I got the transition
with only 5 frames.So transition length 1.0 second, frames per second, 5.
transition effect
Then go to the last text frame, and apply the same transition.
Delete the last frame (it's just a copy of the first one)

Select all frames, right click, and on frame properties, set display time to 20.
Go to the F:7 frame (the first text frame) and set the frame properties on that frame to 100.

Go to save as, and save it as a gif. I saved mine at 127 colors, and it turned out to be 22k.
crochet until your fingers bleed
This is the icon that inspired this tutorial. I made it by request for someone on my friends list on Live Journal. The bleed in this icon was done using Eyecandy glass filter.

Notice- This tutorial is written with the assumption you know how to use PSP and Animation Shop. It is not terribly
complicated, but it is not a beginner's tutorial. There are many great beginner's tutorials out there that will help you get
to know the tools and capabilities of the program.  I wish I had the time to help everyone who emails me asking for help, but
I don't. I do not have the time or the resources to do tags for strangers for free. If you still need to ask, check out my
support page and see how you can support this page.  I hate that I have to put a disclaimer on my tutorials now, but
honestly, if I responded to everyone, I would not have time to do anything else.; I've gotten a lot of requests from people.

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