Incredibly fast and easy gold dipped roses

You will need a rose tube
(you can download the one I used for the title  here

and the one I used for the background here.
and Paint Shop Pro for this tutorial.

Step 1
open your tube, and duplicate it.

Step 2
Colors/Grey Scale
Colors/Increase Color Depth/16 Million Colors

Step 3
Set your foreground color to #F9EFE7
Go to effects/artistic effects/hot wax coating

Step 4
hue 26, saturation 103 for gold
hue 15, saturation 103 for copper
hue 183, saturation 18 for silver

Wow! That was easy wasn't it?
For the text I used white, converted to raster, then reset the foreground color to #F9EFE7, applied hot wax, and the same colorize.

All images and text in this tutorial are ©Shala Kerrigan 1999-2006. Do NOT take this tutorial and load it in other places. Newgroups, mailing lists, other websites. Permission is given to link to this tutorial. Please Email me and let me know how you liked this tutorial.
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