Nifty Globe Thingy

Written for PSP 7

No outside filters needed, but does assume some advanced knowledge of PSP.

Open a new image 500x500
and the tube you want to put in it, I used a rose that I greyscaled.
Set your flood fill to Black-White gradient, 135 degrees angle, and 30 repeats,
fill canvas
Go to effects- geometric effects-wave, and set all to 12, and apply.
Isn't that pretty?

Now effect-reflection-pattern, and set everything to 0 except repeats, and set them at 3.
(you know, I think I really want to find tiles like that for my bathroom)
Selections/select all, selections modify-contract by 25
Colors-negative image
Effects-3 D effects-cutout, horizontal and vertical both set at 0, color black, fill interior with color unchecked, and blur at 25.

Layers/new layer, fill with the same gradient
effects-geometric effects-wave and change the settings to horizontal- 0 amplitude, 1 wavelength and
vertical set both to 25. Apply.
Now, starting at exactly 250x250 (in the middle) use the shape selection to draw a circle almost to edges, antialias checked,selection/save to alpha channel (you'll need it later) and
go to warp- Offsets set at 0 and size 80, strength 100 and apply
Selections-promote to layer, and apply the same warp to that layer.
Go back to layer 2, and selections-invert, then hit the delete key.


On the promoted selection layer, change the opacity to 50%
Add a new layer between layer 2 and the promoted selection, and put whatever you want in your globe on that layer, if the edges of it are outside the globe, load your circle selection from the alpha channel, selections/invert and delete, deselect.
then go back to the promoted selection layer (your top layer right?) and add a new layel, set blend mode to screen, and layer opacity to 80, flood fill that layer with black, then go to effects/illumination effects, and sunburst, apply a sunburst with these settings,
Color-white,rays= density-0, brightness-10, light spot= brightness-22, horizontal 30, vertical 35, circle-0.
Layers, merge visible.
Now you can resize it, turn it into a tag or whatever else you want to do with it.

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