Super Fast Floral Fills

You will need Paint Shop Pro 6 or 7 and Mura's Meister's Copies for this one.

Plus about 2 minutes of time. This is so easy I'm embarrassed to put it up!

This zip file has the violet tube I used, however use any small floral tube you like.

Open a new image, 150x150 pixels, Add a new layer named flowers, and put a flower in the center of the canvas.

For MM copies to work right the image has to be on it's own transparent layer.
Go to Effects/Plugins/Mura's Meister Copies and choose Wall Paper rotate from the drop down presets, set the numbers of copies to 7 and apply.

Choose a light color from the flowers with the eyedropper, and flood fill the bottom layer
with it. Layers/Merge Visible, and save. Or if you want to make your tile lighter to use for stationary, add a new layer, flood fill it with white, turn down the opacity on the top layer to 70 (or whatever looks good depending on the colors in your flower tube), merge visible and save.

These two were made using the other tube in the zip file.

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