Vector Coffee Cups

You will need
Paint Shop Pro 7 for this tutorial
my coffee gradient which you can download HERE.
Unzip it to your gradients folder.
This tutorial assumes some basic knowledge of PSP tools. 
The vectors require very little editing.

Open a new image, 300x300 pixels.

Choose the red 3 d ring shape from your vector shapes,
Draw a ring on the left side of your canvas, retain style, and
as vector selected. Use the node edit/object selector tool to deform it slightly
by grabbing the box surrounding the shape on the bottom middle, and holding down the ctrl
key pull it just a little to the right.

Now, open up your layer palette, rename the shape handle, then delete the bottom shadow,
change the color of the circle to #E5C6AB by right clicking circle in the shape, and choosing
properties. This is what the layer palette and image should look like.

Now choose the red cylinder from the vector shapes
Draw it in place for your cup. (This is soo much faster then brewing a cup of coffee!)
Open up the layer palette, and rename this cup, and go to the properties of the front and back
shapes and recolor them to #E5C6AB, this is what you should have so far.

Okay! Now to fill the cup with coffee!
Set your foreground color to null, and your background to gradient, coffee gradient, invert
unchecked, horizontal and vertical both set at 50, and 0 repeats.
Choose ellipse from your vector shapes, and draw an ellipse, retain style UNCHECKED
in the top of the cup. It will take a slight bit of node editing to get it to fit just right.

Open up the layer palette and rename the ellipse coffee, then holding down the shift key,
click on handle, cup and coffee, and right click and choose group. Rename the group "coffee cup"
then go to file, export, export shape and export it as coffecup. There! A coffee cup vector shape.
Yes. Coffee cups can be done a bunch of ways and tubed, but the nice thing about vectors is 
that they are resizable and easily recolorable.

To put the text on the cup, I put it on a separate layer, converted to raster, then went to effects/geometric effects,
and chose cylinder, vertical, and applied it at 28.

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