Checker Board Frames

You will need Paint Shop Pro 7 for this tutorial.

and this gradient. Open the file and extract to your gradient file.

Open a new image 500x500 pixels

Step 1

Open a new image 500x500 pixels, Add a new layer, and use the shape selection to draw a circle almost to the edges, starting;

exactly at 250x250 (look at the coordinates at the bottom). Flood fill the circle with the gradient on radial,

horizontal 50, vertical 50, repeats 45.

Step 2

Selections/modify, contract by 15, then colors/negative image, repeat 3 times. the last time,instead of colors, negative image, hit the delete button.

Step 3

Click in the background anywhere, then selections/modify/select similar, selections/invert, go the background and selections/modify selection/ expand by 5, then with your fill color set to black, flood fill

Step 4

Layers, merge all. Masks/New From Image, Source window/This Window, source luminance checked, invert checked,

Click okay, masks/save to disk, save it to your masks folder.

Page 2 Using the mask to frame a country tube

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