Chainmail Tiles!
You will need
Needed Paint Shop Pro 6 or higher
Flaming Pear's Primusfree filter
OR Flaming Pear's Blade Pro
Or just use the sculpture in PSP.
and Simple Filters Half Wrap

Step One
Start with a new image, 50x50 pixels,
and draw a circle anti-aliased checked, create as vector checked,
line width 5, in the middle of the image. If your using
PSP 7, you do a circle by drawing an ellipse while holding down the shift key, then objects, align, center in canvas.

Step Two Go to layers/convert to raster.Select all/float/ then defloat. Apply the metal preset of your choice. If you tweak the gold sculpture in PSP to something shinier you can get nice effects with it. Then crop to selection.

Step 3
Layers/duplicate, then image effects/plugins/simple/halfwrap,go to layer 2 and select all, float,defloat, then back to layer 3 to erase the parts shown below.

Step 4

Deselect, then go to layer 1 and fill with color or the pattern of your choice.
Layers/merge visible, save.

The main background of this page, I recolored the top layer to make the 2 color chainmail. Play around, see what you can come up with and what works, different sizes of circles and widths of lines won't work, but you never know until you try.

EASY chainmail! Way easier then knitting it by hand!

For more information about chainmail check out

Miron's Mail Manufactury with it's wonderful animated lessons in making chainmail
Sara's Chainmail Connection Possibly the biggest page of (pardon the pun) links on the net.

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