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These boxes are all my own art and they are my templates. I hope you enjoy them. There are over 100 boxes and other printables on this site. Please do not offer them anywhere else, link back to this site to share them.
Click on the thumbnail for the full version. They are designed to be printed at 100 dpi on cardstock. Because there are a lot of them, I've split them up into different pages. page 1 and page 2 and page 3 are every occasion gift boxes.
Holiday boxes has Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Patriotic designs, including my ornament boxes.
Gift Bags has gift bag shaped boxes
Cards has recipe cards,pop up cards, cd liners, gift card envelopes and matchbook notebooks.
Specialty boxes, which means the unique ones, like my tea boxes and onigiri boxes
Printable Mini Books

Halloween Boxes
Easter Printables
Other holidays, just a few things like a patriotic design, Valentines, not enough of any of them to make a page for them.

Click on the thumbnails to download the boxes, they will open in a new window.

Christmas Boxes- basic boxes that are easy to put together.

Ornament boxes. My mom used to hang vintage Victorian paper cones on our tree, this is my version of the same thing, they look really nice with glitter on them and can be filled with treats.

This is just a little angel ornament I made. You'll need brads, tape and thread or yarn to assemble, but assembled, the wings move when you pull the cord. Put it together like this

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