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The history of this page is almost as long as the history of my whole website. I originally put it up while my mother was in California to show her pictures of my then 2 yo and 7 yo children. Over the years, different things I put together for the kids have been up here. Now they aren't 2 and 7, they are 13 and 18. A lot of the stuff I had up originally is dated or personal. But other people found it and liked some of the things on it, so now it's a page with coloring pages for people who still have children the right age for such things.
The art on this page is all drawn by me, and as far as usage goes, you have my permission to print it out for your children, use it in play groups, daycares, pedetrician waiting rooms, etc. You also have my permission to download it and use it for embroidery, wood burning or other crafts. What you do NOT have permission to do is to remote link the images or to offer them on the internet. If you'd like to share the link, please do so.

Click on the thumbnails to download the coloring pages, they will open in a new window. They are 2 color for easy printing. The Jolly Roger and the bat both need to be printed out in landscape settings.

I have a bunch of printable boxes available and some are great for kids like the pirate chest. Here's a couple that children can color in and assemble. If you just want a blank template for a tiny gift box for a child to assemble, there is one here

Sites I recommend:
BellaOnline Crafts for Kids
How to Make a Coloring Book by Chez Beeper Bebe
I also strongly recommend Tux Paint for parents of small children. My daughter LOVED this open source free paint program for kids. It's very friendly and easy to use.

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