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1.) About the printables
1.a) I like your boxes but want one with...
1.b) Can I use your boxes for..
1.c) Can I get the template for...

2.) What do you charge for
2.a) a custom box, art, existing template
2.b) custom box, art and template
2.c) a template, custom
2.d) a blank template for an existing box
a box made with art/logos from another source

3.) I love the art on your boxes,what do you charge for commissioned art?

4.) Can I use your graphpaper for..

5.)Blinkies, other custom web art

1. About the printables
1.a I like your boxes but want one with
a certain kind of art, I'm willing, and it doesn't cost much usually. It's time dependent. Say you like the dragonfly on the dragonfly bag but would prefer it on a regular gift box, for non-exclusive use, I've got the art already, and I'm willing to make it up for 1.00-2.00 if it's non-exlusive, which means I can post the new box on my website. I'm sorry I don't take a lot of requests anymore for free, but I get a lot of them. I've got a paypal account. Contact me. Check section 2 of this faq for more information.
1.b Can I use your boxes for
gifts for friends? Sure, that's what they are there for. For your scout/Church/class kids organization? Absolutely. To use as packaging for stuff you are selling, sure. To sell by themselves? Probably not. Contact me.
1.c Can I get the template for
(insert box of choice), a lot of my boxes aren't saved in web friendly format, and because of the amount of requests I get from people, I do charge 1.00 per template. The exception is for children's or senior groups, classes, Scouting groups, that sort of thing. If you are the leader of a group like that, just contact me. If it's a template I already have made, I'll save it to a web friendly format for you.

2. What do you charge for All prices USD. All products digital deliveries.
2.a a custom box, art, existing template.
Which means a template I have, like a standard gift box, with custom art. This is variable. If it's a color change, or art you've seen on something else in my printables, like the nurse bear on the matchbook notepads would be the perfect thing on a gift box for your Christmas presents to your co-workers,it's 1.00-2.00, depending on the time involved on exactly what you want, that's 1-2 dollars for non-exclusive use, which means I can post the new design to my page. That price includes simple text if you want it to say "From ____" (the text won't be on the version I post online). Simple art, completely new, 1-3 dollars for non-exclusive use, depending on complexity and time. More complex new art is time dependent,ask me for prices. I won't change my price halfway through if it turns out harder then I thought, and you do get final approval. To make an item exclusive, tack 5.00 to the cost. Text with fancy effects like glitter text, gel look text, et cetra, .50 more. Exclusive designs, like for a business, will cost more, but I'm reasonable. I understand just starting a business can be expensive.
2.b custom box, art and template
So.. you like my work, but you need a box a specific shape, size, et cetra with custom art/text, like you really need a pencil box that will hold 6 pencils with a fairy on it. It's time dependent. If it's a simple box with different dimensions then I have currently, and existing or simple art or text, it's 4.00-5.00. More complex boxes, art or template, email me with details. I'll quote you a price. Exclusive designs, like for a business, will cost more, but I'm reasonable. I understand just starting a business can be expensive.
2.c a template, custom
Simple templates are 2.00 to make. More complex, email me, and we will discuss if I think I can do it, and quote you a price.
2.d a blank template for an existing box
1.00, email me and tell me which one you want, and I'll save it to a 2 color gif format, which is a really small size. I'll discount the price if you want more then one.
2.e a box made with art/logos from another source-
If you provide your own business logo, and it's an existing template, it's 3.00, otherwise, make sure you have the right to use it. I will NOT use trademarked or copyrighted material without permission of the person/company that owns the trademark or copyright. So if you have your heart set on (insert character name here) boxes, buy the template, and make it yourself with rubber stamps or your graphics program. If you do have the right to use it, like you drew it yourself, or it's from a public domain piece, usually 4-5 dollars depending on what I have to do to make the art fit. I reserve the right to reject any art that I don't think will fit or print right.

3. I love the art on your boxes,what do you charge for commissioned art?
I've done illustrations for books and other print materials before, but it's not cheap. Depending on time involved, you're looking at $50.00 and up for custom art. I do this sort of thing in 300 dpi, while stuff on my webpage is done in 100 dpi. If you are still interested, contact me, and I'll see if I think it's something I can do.

4. Can I use your graph paper for..
Yes. Usually an unqualified yes. If you want to sell blank graph paper, then no. But for bead societies, graphing patterns to post on the web or to sell, or to design a necklace for your Great Aunt Maude, go for it. That's what's it there for. If you are using it in a class or a newsletter, please provide my url as the source.

5. Blinkies, other custom web art
Simple blinkies, glitter names, and other web art is usually 1.00-2.00. Contact me for more information. I will NOT host the finished graphic, you'll have to post it on a server like Photobucket. More complex designs like web cards that say things like Thanks for the add or On Hiatus, usually 2-3 dollars, again, contact me. Same restrictions, I will not use copyrighted or trademarked art or characters without permission from the copyright or trademark holder.

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