I do love my coffee, without it, this website wouldn't exist, but I'm incredibly picky about it.

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Reviews-reviews of coffee roasted in Alaska. My opinion only.

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Alaska has a lot of great roasters, there is no reason to drink Star*ucks if you are here.

Starting with the biggest,

Kaladi Brothers-They are the biggest local roaster, and located about a mile from where I live, on a good day, you can smell the coffee roasting, it's a lovely scent to wake up to. The coffee has a slightly burnt taste that makes it popular with the Star*ucks crowd, but it's cleaner tasting. They sell their whole bean coffee at several local grocery stores, and also have a few coffee shops you can get lattes and Americanos and other drinks. I'm particularly fond of blended quad shot Kaladi lattes which is their own mix of syrups.They have gift items and an academy you can learn all about coffee from. I haven't been yet but plan to this summer.

To the oldest

Cafe Del Mundo-Cafe Del Mundo started in 1975. The coffee is good, basic,not particularly exciting, but very good. If you're usually a light roast drinker I really recommend their lighter roasts. They are one of my dad's favorites and until I proved to him whole bean was competitive with canned coffee because you could grind it finer and have it go further, he was a Yuban drinker. When I have visitors who are younger I bring them to Kaladi, when I have older visitors who want a cup of coffee that's a little rich and less edgy, I bring them to Del Mundo. They have several cafes and their coffee is easy to find at local grocery stores. If you can find the super secret bakery outlet shop behind Alaska Wildberry, they also carry Del Mundo that's less then perfectly fresh for 5.00 a bag, it's still good, but their quality control is very high.

To the coolest

Raven's Brew- No cafe, but check out that art! If you want a very Alaskan gift to give someone who loves coffee, this is the stuff. It's not my favorite, but it's up there. Check out the Wicked Wolf!!! Then buy me a Wicked Wolf commuter cup. I'll tell you where to ship it.(okay, I'm joking, but it is very cool isn't it?) The Moka bars? Wonderful, especially the white chocolate ones. Yum yum! You can get it at New Sagaya and several tourist gift shops.

Finally, my favorite

Blue Bonsai-Not as well known as the others. If I could fix that all on my own I would. The owner is a dark coffee drinker, and she's got two dark roasts with different things to recommend them. The Empress Blend is a dark crisp roast, and the Copper Tiger is a dark roast that's richer and more dessert like. No Star*ucks burnt taste at all which seems incredibly rare in the darker roasts I prefer. It's just coffee, in the way that Shakespeare was just a writer. I'd write poetry to this stuff if I could. It may or may not be to your tastes, there is nothing ordinary about this coffee. If you like a more typical cup, check out the above. If you want something that is a dance on your tongue and utterly addictive, this is the stuff.I got my first lb at the Saturday Market where she usually has a booth. I can spot coffee at 50 yards. I like trying new coffee. I drank it, and knew it was good, but I never knew what the new flavor in my mouth that stayed with me for hours was. I just didn't make the connection until I was out and switched back to one of the other kinds of coffee I drink. It was painful. The rich flavor does actually stay with you that well, you remember it and other coffees need to be just as rich to keep you from missing it. During the summer, she sells coffee at the Market, the rest of the year you can buy it at New Sagaya. She will, during the summer, recommend coffees to try. So I tried one of her lighter roasts, I do prefer dark roasts, so I also ran it past my dad. The coffee has so much flavor and is so good that too much sugar wrecks it, so I do suggest with any of her coffees you add your sugar carefully, and don't use as much as you would with other coffees, and this is especially noticeable with the lighter roasts (Dad learned from my over sugaring and used about 2/3s the amount he usually does). She does a giveaway monthly, so be sure to sign up to see if you can win a pound of her fantastic coffee. Tell her I sent you.

If you have an Alaskan coffee you would like me to review, email me. If you have coffee you'd like me to review email me.I'm willing to add a page of non-Alaskan coffee reviews if you're willing to send me coffee to review.

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