I do love my coffee, without it, this website wouldn't exist, but I'm incredibly picky about it.

Coffee Page

Reviews-reviews of coffee roasted in Alaska. My opinion only.

Coffee graphics a couple coffee themed graphics I made for your use.

Coffee Taglines a collection of coffee taglines I've made over the last few years.
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Things People have actually said about my coffee

Honey, does NASA know you are experimenting with dark matter in the kitchen?

Kim "Is it supposed to be opaque?"
Mike" Actually she brews it to absorb light"

Kim "Where's the coffee? Okay.. I admit.. I'm hooked.."

*choke* *coff* "You realize I told the barristas at work that quad shot lattes were wimpy?"

"I thought I'd be able to sleep! I only had half a cup! I was up until 5 am!"

"No, you can't bring your coffee with you. We don't have the Haz Mat training to transport it"

"Uh.. honey.. I spilled some coffee and it pulled up the varnish"

Me "I thought you drank your coffee black?"
Him (adding cream and sugar) "Well.. actually brown, this is the first time I've SEEN black coffee."

My coffee recipe

Get a GOOD dark, oily looking French Roast. Must be oily. The dry beans taste burnt,
Grind 4 scoops of coffee to a fine powder
Put it in the filter, fill the coffee maker with cold water.

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