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Creating Patterns from Dollz

This works best with mini or silent dollz. 

Okay, someone asked me, how do you create those fast patterns in less then 10 minutes of dollz.. so since it's a request, I'll explain my methods.

You will need Paint Shop Pro 7, and an appropriate graphic for this tutorial. Something under 100x100 pixels works best. The number of beads across and down will be equal to the number of pixels.

Start by making your grid. For simplicity in bead counts, I make mine with a different colored line every 10 squares. Open a new image 6 pixels by 6 pixels.. tiny isn't it?

Set your foreground to white, and your background to a good color that will show up well against your graphic. I usually use cyan.

Go to Image/Add Borders, if you started with a transparent image, it will tell you it will have to merge layers. That's fine.
Uncheck symmetric, then set it for top=0, bottom=0,left=1, right=0.

Click the arrow between the background and foreground colors at the top of the color palette to switch them.
Then add borders, this time setting left to 6, repeat switching back and forth,
until you have 10 white squares, and 9 cyan lines, then set the background color to something else that will show well, like magenta, and add in the final line.

Then go to your layer palette, right click, and choose promote to layer.

Use the magic wand tool to select one white square, then go to selections, select similar, then hit the delete key. okay! It doesn't look like much. But there's your graph. If you want to save it so you don't have to make it again, save it in PSP format so it keeps it's transparency. Then you can do 5 minute loom patterns!

Okay, minimise the graph, and open the image you'll be working from. Hit the shift key and the d key at the same time to duplicate then close the original image.

Now you need to resize the image, generally when you size up using smart size it dithers colors. We *don't* want to do that.
So when you resize,(image/resize) start by choosing resolution/ pixels per inch, and set it at 100, don't change anything else. Click okay.
(if it's in 72 pixels per inch like a lot of web graphics are, the finished graph may turn out too big to print one page).
Now go to resize, and choose percentage, and set it at 700%, make sure maintain aspect and resize all layers are checked, and choose pixel resize from the drop down menu. (Remember to reset it to smart size when you resize something else later!

Go to colors, increase color depth, 16 million colors, then to layers, new raster layer.
Okay, remember that graph we made a few seconds ago?

Click on the little arrow in the foreground color/style of the palette menu, right under where it says styles, and choose pattern.

Then click on the pattern, and choose your tiny graph from the choices offered. It will be at the top of the list since it's minimised and open. Your angle should be set at 0, and your scale to 100.
Use your flood bucketto fill the image with it.

Click on the foreground style again, this time, change your angle to 90, and keep your scale at 100. Flood fill again.
Wow! Simple isn't it? Okay, now just go to layers/merge visible, thensave it in the graphic type you prefer!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find it useful!
Thank you Carol for requesting it!

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