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Earring Patterns

Small peyote stitched amulet bag patterns They work up really fast!! 20x20 beads.

Elvish Alphabet

A monogram alphabet(brick),
this alphabet works perfectly for me in Japanese size 15's when I make tie tacks for my husband with commercial findings.

Right Angle Weave Alphabet

Bargello 2 drop peyote

Phoenix bagBy Request from Tracy
Icy Phoenix Same pattern, in icy colors
2 drop angel patternIf you like 2 drop and like angels, you should see the one I have for sale!

Kitten in flowers

Elephant pattern

Flower Power Forevermy classic brick stitched handflower, originally graphed in 1999.

Butterfly handflowerbrick or peyote

Dragon Handflowerrefer to butterfly handflower for construction tips

Pagan 2 drop patternankh on one side, pentacle on the other

Same pattern without the vines

Square stitched ankh motifsBy request from Becka Hewitt.

a simple yin yang pattern,peyote or brick stitch

Cameo pin pattern

2 drop kitty pin in 2 colors

Some R.A.W. motifs

Cat in a mask

Bat Handflower Done like the butterfly handflower,redesign of the original posted here.

Split Loom Dragon

Brick Angel Pattern

RAW Peacock Feather

Brick Stitched Dragon

Christmas Page 1

Christmas Page 2These two pages have a bunch of patterns on them but load fairly quickly

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My crochet group.