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Elvish Alphabet
Disclaimer: This alphabet was made from my barely legible notes in the back of a copy of Lord of the Rings, I remember making the notes in 1993, late at night. I make absolutely NO claim this interperation of Tolkien's Elvish alphabet is accurate. Only that it is as accurate as I could make it late at night, after gaming, running on coffee and nervous energy, and as accurate as the scope of peyote stitch would let me graph them.

As you can see there are a few blended consonant sounds, and the vowels are a bit tricky but not too tricky. The short forms are usually worked without the 2 bead line that's under them over the consonant they follow, but if it's a short vowel that doesn't follow a consonant, the vowel is worked over the short carrier. The long vowels are characters on their own and done over a long carrier to indicate they are a long vowel sound. The line at the end of the graph is put under a letter to indicate it's doubled. I know I could have just said "Put a line under a doubled letter" but I had the extra space.

Here's how to use it. I don't know about you, but I don't speak Elvish. Much less know how to spell in it. So I use it phonetically.Work out how the word your spelling sounds, pick the sounds from the letters, and put the word together that way, like this example of my name, Shala.

My name is pronounced Shay'la, the first character is the Sh sound, the second one is the hard A sound, the third one is the l sound with the a over it to show the vowel following the consonant. If this absolutely doesn't make sense to you and you absolutely need your name or something in Elvish spelled phonetically or spelled in English but in Elvish lettering, email me, I accept all sorts of inexpensive bribes. Good chocolate bars cost about 3 dollars, I can tell you what book I'm dying for from Amazon.com or if you just want to thank me for making this available in a tangible way, I'm always grateful for neat things.Since the popularity of the LotR movies, you can imagine how many emails I get about this alphabet and I just don't have the time to graph out people's name for them without some sort of compensation. If you want to try your hand at graphing it yourself, here's my graph paper with the base line in it.

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