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As you may have noticed, I changed the format of the graph paper. A lot of it was made many years ago, and wasn't what I'm currently using. I added the © Shala Kerrigan border because of abuse. Not by the bead community. My terms are still the same, use it as you wish, except for distributing the blank graph paper without permission. I don't honestly recall a time when I told someone no who wanted it for a newsletter or class. Just ask.

The reason for the borders is because some people have been remote linking things on my site. Not beaders as far as I know. Just random people deciding that bead graphs make cool graphics for their sites.

Have a Kindle? I have a Kindle book on Brick Stitch Earrings with instructions and patterns for a few pairs of earrings.

Patterns graphed on my paper *can* be sold. You have my permission to remove the border for things like that. Patterns graphed on my paper for classes, same thing. Credit is not necessary, but I would appreciate an email if it's a free pattern I can post a link to.
Click on the thumbnail example and the sheet of graph paper will come in a new window.

Brick Stitch

Peyote Stitch

Square Stitch


Delica- Brick

Delica- Peyote

Delica- Square


2-1 Drop Peyote

2 bead RAW

2 Bead Brick

2 Drop Peyote

3 Bead Netting

3 bead RAW

3 bead brick

3 bead peyote

5 bead net

Delica- 2 drop

Delica 3 drop

Blank handflower

The handflower pattern was a quick pattern I posted a long time ago. The original pattern is here

Bugle & seed brick

Bugle & seed brick v.2

Fringed brick

Herringbone-mixed beads


Ladders- mixed beads


Small herringbone

Small peyote

Triangle weave

Hugs and kisses

Embellished RAW

Knit graph 1

Knit graph 2

Delica-4 drop

Seed- 4 drop


Plain graph 1

Plain graph 2

Plain graph 3

The triangle weave is for bicones.

Some peoples asked me about the embellished right angle weave,It's one of my favorite stitches for fast, pretty pouches, it can be done funky or delicate, Just do normal 3 bead per side right angle weave in size 11 beads, then weave in the cross stitches

In this example, the cross beads are 1 size 11, 1 size e or 6 bead or alternately you can use 3 mm crystals, 1 size 11.

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