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New Christmas Patterns!

Some simple patterns as my Christmas present to my friends.As usual, click the email link at the bottom of the page to let me know what you think!

These I designed especially for Becka, there is a link to her wonderful page on my main page, Becka, thank you for being such a good friend! And for the gorgeous presents, as soon as I get my new gallery up I'm going to display them on my page as proudly as I display them in my home!

She asked for some mini flat peyote designs for Christmas, these are late for this year but in plenty of time for next year! And I think they make cute pins done in flat peyote, backed and stitched to a pin back.

This one is special in a lot of ways to me. It's a simple angel pouch design that also is cute in flat peyote for pins. As a pouch I worked it in flat peyote same design on both sides, in delicas it measures about an inch across. Fringe the bottom triangle to represent a skirt.

Feel free to make copies of this pattern for any beading friends you have if you would like. Please do not kit it or sell the pattern, otherwise share it as you would like. I did this pattern in my mother's memory, who always told me "every time an bell rings an angel gets thier wings"

I hope my mother is enjoying her wings.

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