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GalleryAmulet Bags



Teri Packels wonderful work

Beaded stuff, barrettes, boxes, Barbies..


Other peoples work with my patterns

Fimo and Paintings

Amulet Bags

Purple Ankh Bag

Bargello 2 drop bagPattern on the pattern page

Unicorn Bag similar pattern available on pattern page

Leather MOP bag

Halloween Cat Bag Witch designed by the incomparable Emily Hackbarth

Doll Bag

Fairy Garden BagEmbellished Right Angle Weave

Grandma's Necklace Won 3rd place in our state fair!

Diamond Pouch

Spiral Chip Pouch Inspired by Pamy Welborn, chain designed by her

Maat Pattern available for sale, I redid the strap and fringe on this one and unfortunately never got a picture before it sold

Carolyn Pattern also available for sale, designed and created in memory of my mother, Carolyn Bradley

Lamia on the back it says Practice Safe Sucks

Tuxedo Set


My Native American girl bag

Back of the same bag

Fishie Pouchbased of my article at Jewelry Crafts website, this is a pouch for my son to take with him fishing.

flat spherical net pouchSuch a neat technique!

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Angel Needlecase

Right Angle Weave Choker set

Tabasco Bottle

Raven and Orca

Crystal Ball Bezeling technique by Emily

Hunny Pot necklace

First necklace I did with seed beads, swearing the entire time NEVER AGAIN.. LOL

Bubble Gum Explosion Given to my co-writer and inspiration, Annette Tomasetti

Valentine Fairy Bead by Mavis Smith, it was a gift from my hubby. Wonderful isn't she? (wonderful isn't HE!!! Thank you Mike!)

Aqua Twist dutch spiral necklace

Laughter Flashing named by my son who said his sister "flashed with laughter", given to Miss Pamela Welborn, one of the best friends anyone could ever hope for!

Gothic Fairy My first free form and my first BLUE ribbon, state fair. 

Spiro Drama Soon to be given to Bette Behr, I do have some of the vintage drama mask cabs available for sale.

Sea Wright made from components given to me by Joan Wright (thank you AGAIN!) and in Pamy's WONDERFUL spiral chip chain.

East Meets West a commission piece and an honor to do, I cried when I gave this piece up

Mini Teddy Bear bags

Green Magnifier Necklace

Potowatomi Weave ChokerInspired by Bodaciously Barb

Fused Purple Donut Made by Local Artist Donna Schelin.

Detail of Gorgeous Donut

My first bead crochet!

wire work necklace with a cool rose cab Teri Packel gave me (did I mention lately she's my bead idol?)

Copper wire wrapped magnifying glass

A bookmark pendant also made in copper wire. It's been pretty handy for me.

A necklace that combines both magnifier and wire bookmark.

More magnifiers Some beaded I got the magnifying glasses at Science and Surplus great sellers!

Brick Peacock Feather

Flowered Choker

My mermaid necklace

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Red, White and Blue Spiral Chain Bracelet I made this for Mike.

Net Handflower the necklace it matches was a gift from Becka Barker

Simple Cuff Bracelets blanks available from Beyond Beadery, done in size 8 hexes

Cameo Handflower Instructions for this handflower pattern are at Jewelry Crafts Magazine online.

Another handflower

Hammered Cuff with Crystal Bracelet

Turquoise and silver hammered cuff slave bracelet. 

 Freeform Bracelet  From a kit from  Out on a Whim ,Wonderful!!!

Wire bangle

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