This contest was only open to subscribers of Beads In Fashion. See link below to sign up to this list.. first prize , a 20 dollar gift certificate from Betcey's Beyond Beadery, goes to Becka Barker for Team Spirit!, Lillith's Victorian Blue and Carolyn's gorgeous choker came in as runners up. Both will recieve cab assortments from me soon and both have graciously allowed me to post thier instructions. Becka, Carolyn, and Lillith retain all rights on their instructions and diagrams.

Becka's Instructions

Carolyn's instructions

Lillith's instructions

This is the choker design I put up at the start of this contest. I didn't put on instructions for a clasp because everyone has thier own favorite clasps. <

This was done with 

size 6 seed beads

6 mm faceted beads

delica needle and silamide thread.

Double the thread and make a loop of 10 beads, knotting and leaving a tail to attach a clasp too and weave in later, string on 7 beads and go back in the 3 bead back from where your needle came out of orginally, work in right angle weave creating loops with 3 beads on each side and 2 beads each on the top and bottom.

Make a multiple of 4 plus one to comfortably circle your neck, go back thru the bottom row and add one seed bead inbetween each group of 2 beads.

When you get thru adding that row of beads, weave back to the last bead you added in between two bead and string on 3 seeds, 1 accent, 4 seeds, 1 accent, 4 seeds, 1 accent,3 seed and *skip 3 inbetween beads to pull your needle and thread thru the 4th, go back thru the last 2 seed beads added, and add 1 seed, 1 accent, 4 seeds, 1 accent, 4 seeds, 1 accent, 3 seeds, and repeat from the *

Add any type of clasp you would like! Hope you enjoyed it! I think this would look great made out of button pearls and faceted beads! 

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